I create music in a modern sense and interpretation.
I follow my own ear.
Cheerful if respectful, sometimes mocking and frequently compassionate.

I combine what I like
with much of what they taught us over the centuries:
Rhythmic, melodious and harmonious melodies.
Rhythm that involves us,
Melody that gives it its meaning,
and Harmony to let it sink in and stay in memory.
Music that feels natural and good inside.
I hope you like it.


Current Project 1

Here is an album of 14 compositions, i.e. about 40 minutes of recording time.

The original melodies were short Turlough O'Carolan tunes, available on Internet. From that I created a set of compositions in a neo-classical form.

Ultimately this is will become a commercial CD, destined for 2 guitars, one flute and one piano. The final version may still diverge somewhat from the current version.

Click for the near-final suite here...

Current Project 2

My next project is a second album with Turlough O'Carolan adaptations. Work is proceeding well. A few initial compositions are below.

Click for the current selection here...